The University of South Carolina Innovation Think Tank (ITT) Lab is a new and exciting platform that was established to create a unique place to conduct research and development; where great minds and multidisciplinary teams combine to stimulate impactful innovations. The UofSC ITT lab is based on the Innovation Think Tank global programs of Siemens Healthineers developed by its founder Prof. Sultan Haider, who was invited by UofSC management to set up an ITT in its premises. Prof. Haider was awarded an Adjunct Professorship at its college of Engineering and Computing in recognition of his innovation best practice implementations of Innovation Think Tank programs at various locations worldwide.

Located in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina, the UofSC ITT Lab is a fully-equipped ecosystem for research, innovation, and experiential learning that is available for students, researchers, and professionals to work, study, and create solutions to real world problems. The goal of the UofSC ITT Lab is to grow innovation thought and action within South Carolina and beyond leveraging ITT Lab’s dynamic group of scholars, researchers, industry partners and start-ups. We are dedicated to mentoring and coaching participants to conduct research, design, rapid prototyping, and industry strategic application in a highly creative and connected environment.

What is innovation at ITT Lab?

Innovation is much more than just a subject that can be taught.  Innovation begins in the mind. It is a way of thinking that shapes how the mind comprehends the world. It is much easier to criticize than to create; and the innovator is one who creates solutions to problems. Yet, the need to teach and stimulate the skills and process of innovation is also essential to succeed in todays increasingly complex world.  This teaching is most effective in an environment where individuals are free to think outside the box, communicate openly, and are brought together by experienced leaders to be mentored in the art and science of innovation. The ITT Lab enhances collaboration with like-minded individuals, providing a fully equipped space where thoughtful questions can be explored; meeting with mentors, sharing ideas and projects, creating a community of engagement, turning ideas into solutions. Creative minds from industry, universities, business start-ups and healthcare work together at ITT Lab to grow individuals’ talent by nurturing minds within a supportive and dynamic environment; encouraging others to be curiosity seekers and igniting them to dream and believe in themselves.