ITT Lab’s unique environment allows for individuals to work and learn alongside likeminded creative engineers whom love to solve real-world problems. Over the past six years, a group of such problem solvers at UofSC have built an inclusive research culture that attracted the attention of yet another likeminded individual. Prof. Sultan Haider is founder and head of the Innovation Think Tank at Siemens Healthineers.

Dr. Neset Hikmet is a Professor and Director of the Health IT Consortium at UofSC where he has led numerous “outside-the-box thinking” applied informatics research and development initiatives. The ITT Lab at UofSC combines the local and U.S. national health informatics and computer science and engineering expertise acquired by Prof. Hikmet and his colleagues with the breadth of successful international health engineering experience of Siemens Healthineers.

The founding principles of the ITT Lab are built upon the simple concept that we learn best by doing and thus have constructed a shared space with the notion that individuals within an arena of open thinking guides concepts and ideas into becoming a reality. The ITT Lab principles include:

  • Inclusivity: The Lab is comprised of passionate professionals, mentors, experts and collaborators, as a place that invokes a new generation of innovative ideas and turning them into solutions.
  • Excitement: There is never a dull moment; with inspiration, brainstorming, and collaboration with others who are happily part of the techy geek movement.
  • Creativity: Capturing the imagination of individuals is essential. We believe in giving people a solid foundation to foster innovation and creativity, generating community involvement, robust learning and teaching in an engaging environment.
  • Learning: With the necessary resources, technical assistance, physical space and collaboration, we aim to ensure every student who desires is ready and able to learn and take advantage of career opportunities in the new technology economy.

ITT Lab aims to empower individuals to create with new technology to solve real-world problems, to make meaningful change and develop their skills. These skills can strengthen local communities and national innovations to improve lives and livelihoods of others around the state of South Carolina; the United States of America, and the World. ITT Lab’s focus areas are including but not limited to information technology (IT), healthcare, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, process improvement, etc.