Our Vision

Our vision is to develop within individuals the most sought-after knowledge and skills in creativity and innovation. We envision becoming world class leaders in teaching and practicing innovation leadership.

Our Mission

It is our mission to teach and mentor individuals to appropriate world changing skills at the intersection of engineering, computing, healthcare, business, creativity and innovation.

Our Goals

  1. To teach and mentor students
  2. To place our students in industry as key problem solvers
  3. To facilitate an experiential learning environment to foster brainstorming, innovation and creativity
  4. To practice research and innovation to demonstrate world class effectiveness
  5. To create collaborations with industry, healthcare and academia to solve problems of mutual interest
  6. To conduct outreach to disseminate our knowledge and expertise to others

In order to achieve our goals, our focus is to;

  • Train healthcare practitioners, computer scientists, and engineering professionals to conduct applied research and development
  • Mentor students across health, medical, nursing, pharma, computing, and engineering disciplines to solve real-world healthcare challenges
  • Conduct meaningful action-design research with industry partners
  • Build and test products and services in the real world
  • Convene workshops and symposia to highlight solution-oriented approaches to healthcare challenges
  • Disseminate research findings and best practices solutions in leading edge publications
  • Reach out to industry to create new creativengineering collaborations