Innovation Think Tank Lab organizes and mentors innovation work-groups with focus on engineering and strategy. Students could apply at any time of the year for “Young Student Innovator Fellowship” to take part in these project based work-groups.

To qualify for this fellowship applicant is expected

  • To be open minded and having interest in learning and finding solutions about real world problem in applied engineering.
  • To have the ability to work in an intercultural and interdisciplinary team.
  • To be a student of University of South Carolina

ITT Lab or its partnering organization can challenge the “innovation work-group” to response to a need identified within an organization or in the healthcare sector at large (food for thought: OR of the future, innovations in 3D printing, machine learning, innovations in consumer electronics, How to improve quality of human life, Next generation IT (APPs for medical devices), Green hospitals , Scientific improvement e.g. cardio and neuro imaging, Medical devices of the future,  Ideas demonstrating cost reduction in hospital operations, medical devices and healthcare systems, Disruptive innovation processes and methodologies, System simulators, radiology of the future, industry 4.0 etc.)

In general fellows are expected

  • To work in an interdisciplinary project team in one or more areas of requirement engineering, product design, experimentation, rapid prototyping, testing etc.
  • To come up with out of box ideas.
  • To work as a team member and as a leader in different projects

 Specific to challenge presented by ITT Lab/Partner the fellows are expected

  • To define the Challenge / Goal of the project
  • To elaborated on the current state of art, how the challenge is addressed today
  • To propose and articulate a solution
  • To design / prototype / model / simulate (in support of proposed solution)
  • To articulated the benefits of the proposed solution