No Code/Low Code for Digital Transformation: The Future of App Development

The University of South Carolina (UofSC) Innovation Think Tank (ITT) Lab is hosting “No Code/Low Code for Digital Transformation: The Future of App Development” Seminar.

Building a business app within couple of hours? Just a few years ago, this would not have seemed possible. But now, after no code/ low code tools came into play, it is not wishful thinking. It is as easy as drag-and-drop app development. Where the need for digital transformation is so explosive, so is the need to IT innovation, agility and resiliency while reducing costs, improve time-to-market, and enable rapid scalability. No code/ low code revolution is shaping software development world already. According to Gartner forecast, by 2024, 65 % of the new software development projects will be done using no code/ low code platforms.

The UofSC ITT Lab is organizing this hands-on seminar where Xpoda, Fastest No Code Application Development Platform, will be presenting on the no code/low code app development. You will have chance to see the demonstration of no code/ low code development in a very short time with Xpoda’s no-code platform. You may see the details of the seminar below.

Please come and join us at this exciting event!

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• 4.30 pm: Opening and Welcoming Remarks
• 4.40 pm: What is no code/ low code platform? – Understanding no code platforms and their benefits; Seeing how you can push the boundaries of no-code platforms to build enterprise applications.
• 4.50 pm: Who is Xpoda? The technology solution provided by Xpoda?
• 5.00 pm: Experience No Code with Xpoda Team – Xpoda team will demonstrate how to build two sample applications and to go live from scratch.
• 5.30 pm: Q&A

• Experience the software technologies of the future and walk away with a deeper understanding of drag-and-drop app development.
• Learn how to build enterprise applications in hours and to empower your digital transformation with a no code platform.
• Experience a live development demo and understand how no code development environments work.
• Find out how you can use a no-code platform to achieve your business goals at Q&A session and one-to-one interview.